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Linda Morrison

Shamanic Healing and Spiritual Guidance

About Linda Morrison

Linda’s healing work combines knowledge of the energetic body with deep sensitivity and compassion. Her natural awareness and connection with non-ordinary realities enable her to easily access and traverse the shamanic realms, and, with the help of her spiritual allies, provide transformational healing to her clients.


What is Shamanic Healing?

Shamanic healing is a spiritual and medical practice based upon the belief that all physical and emotional healing includes a spiritual dimension. Shamanic medicine is a tradition dating back 25,000 years. To better understand how a shamanic healing works, it is important to understand some of the fundamental concepts of what shamanism is. It is a specific set of methodologies for accessing the spirit or energy field of anything or anyone.


Earth below, sky above

Fill the dark of night with love

The Morning sun will take my pain

And I will wake renewed again

The time has come

Renewed by sun

To count blessing one by one.

Flying Eagle

Healing Modalities

Spiritual Coaching and Guidance

Soul Retrieval

Power Animal Retrieval


Soul Remembering

Divination and Dream Interpretation

Ancestral Work

Psychopomp Work

Reiki Healing Touch